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for piano and electronics, 55 mins 

premiered by D. Riley Nicholson at the Center for New Music in San Francisco on January 28 and 29th, 2018, followed by a national tour including NYC, Baltimore, Hot Springs AR, and Chicago.

To shimmer is to reflect a wavering or distorted visual image, to tremolo a fitful light. There’s some beautiful distortion or distance between where an object is and where its image is.


Riley explores Shimmer as a highly personal verb. We are remembered by how we reflected the light around us. We didn’t create our light, but we do choose to spread and magnify it in a myriad of directions, choosing what to reflect, to absorb, to emit, and to deflect.

Shimmer was premiered alongside immersive visual projections by Robby Gilson commissioned specifically for the production. Zach Miley was the production's Sound Designer and Recording Engineer.

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